Feminism Vs Womanism discussion on The Root– Where are we in 2017?

Today was honored to have joined this conversation with such 🌟 incredible women on Feminism Vs Womanism at The Root’s studios in NYC.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

This conversation has just begun. There are big things at stake, and we are all needed– with exactly the shade, shape, lineage, legacy, nationality, age, class background, and gender expression we got  👣

Being human means impermanence and having the choice to constantly be changing, learning, transforming. That choices comes not by “arriving” to whatever our idea of “perfection” is, but by being willing to show up as who we are. 🔑

So being perfect not a requirement whatsoever, if we all chose to be WILLING to share our understandings NOW to create win/wins, what kind of transformation could be possible in our country? Not next decade or even next year, but now? ☀️

Coming soon to a water cooler, coffee shop, bathroom line, late night phone conversation, home dinner party near you when YOU get to ask your blood or just-met sister, “What does feminism vs womanism mean to YOU in 2017?”