Hi, I'm Chelsea.

If you were at my place, I'd offer you a snack.

Are you, or are you looking to be, a trailblazing leader in making the world better? 

Call it social innovation, call it the leading edge of systems change, call it building "beloved community"- it all boils down to making ourselves and our organizations capable of withstanding great transition with grace and ease, leading to systems change. And creating purpose, profound impact, and real value for people- profit. 

I'm here to assist, equip and inspire organizations, and the people who make them, to contribute.


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Watch my TEDx talk on redefining our future through collaboration, innovation and shared wisdom:


Part of securing the future involves examining the stories that we carry with us. How can we change our stories for a better future? For over 10 years, my personal and professional focus has been experiential education, a teaching and facilitation practice designed to empower people to discover their own wisdom and expertise and that of each other, and tell their stories.


This is specifically what I do.

Curious? Ask.

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